3/4-40 High Load Fine Adjust Screw

3/4-40 High Load Fine Adjust Screw
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Price: $61.00
Product ID : RESS-3440-32
Weight: 0.10 lbs
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This is a high load, fine 40 tpi thread, radius ended set screw made of 416H Stainless Steel. The radius of the tip is 20 inches. When this screw is used with a Hitek Hardware, Inc. matching collet, and the load applied is against a relatively hard surface, neither the thread or the tip of the screw will fail nor will the tip permanently be deformed (past its yield limit) with a 1500 pound static load. A static load of 3000 pounds can be applied to an aluminum surface without tip failure, however the aluminum will be permanently dimpled. It is advised to use a lubricant on the thread. We use white lithium grease.

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