In addition to the products seen on this site Hitek Hardware offers its customers a portfolio of engineering and development services. Contact us with your ideas and we can help you bring your product through design, prototype and development.

Expertise: Mechanical Design, Optical Design, Spectroscopy, Analytical Instrumentation, ZEMAX, Solidworks

Product/Technology Areas: Spectroscopic Instrumentation including; X-Ray, VUV, UV, Visible, NIR, IR. Techniques in Spectroscopy including; Absorbance, ATR, Atomic Emission, Molecular Fluorescence, Luminescence, FTIR; Precision opto-mechanical mechanisms, Automation systems, Galvanometer Design, Non-imaging Optics.

Patents: Two Dimensional Spectrometer, #4,984,888; Identification and Quantification of Refrigerants, #5,457,528; Multiplex Spectroscopy, #5,483,335; Multiplex Spectroscopy, #5,485,268, IR Array Source, Pat.Pend, Shaped Gas Cell, Pat.Pend.

Recent Projects: Projects worked on in the recent past include; Prototype Stand-off Tunable Cascade Laser Analyzer, Bench top Laboratory TCL Analyzer, Hand held FTIR far field sensor, High Signal/Noise four channel gas cell, High Power Laser Mux switching system. High Resolution Spectrometer for LIBS hand held analyzer.

Hitekhardware Engineering Services - Develop - Create - Build

  • Develop sophisticated proposals and evaluations utilizing network analysis

  • Create designs and documentation using Computer Aided Design

  • Build prototypes and finished products using our model shop

  • Leverage 35 years of manufacturing experience